5 Entrepreneurial Lessons From the Movie “Rounders”

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roundersDavid at Mind Petals put up a great post today: 5 Entrepreneurial Lessons From the Movie “Rounders”. If you have not seen the movie “Rounders” yet you should probably be shot. This is one of the best movies out there that can be related to entrepreneurship.

David’s post pulls 5 lessons from the movie:
1. Don’t Let Anyone Domesticate You
2. Don’t Run From Your Destiny
3. Loyalty
4. Knowing When To Fold
5. Recover from Losses and Moving Forward

Check out Mind Petals for the full post and to read David’s comments about each of the 5 lessons.

Another one from the movie that I like although it kind of goes against the idea of being free to from the constraints of a 9-5 job, is DON’T BE LATE! In the movie, Mike (Matt Damon) is serving as lead council for a mock trial to be given in front of professors and judges for a class. He is late to some of his group meetings and really has no idea on what is going on with the group or the actual presentation. So, then he shows up late on the day of the actual mock court date. His lack of preparedness and lateness is shown as he quickly starts talking about things he shouldn’t have (bringing up irrelevant cases) and quickly gets replaced by another girl in his group. Don’t be late and be prepared for your presentations!

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