Best Budget Travel Destinations for College Students in Asia

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Travel to Asia offers a unique opportunity to experience a way of life far different from that in the west by encountering cultures that date back to antiquity. Asia has long known as a haven for student travelers on a budget because it offers inexpensive lodging, cheap food, and a range of fascinating and beautiful destinations. Some countries in Asia, however, are more popular among the budget minded college crowd than others. If you are looking to meet other young international travelers and immerse yourself in an exotic culture without going broke, check out these destinations.


South Korea

South Korea has much to offer the budget minded traveler. Many college students spend their summers here studying, volunteering or interning.  There are many companies that offer incentives to college students to spend their summer in Korea. You can earning college credit by taking classes or earn money (or at least travel for free) by volunteering or interning. You will be immersed in Korean culture and learn much about their language and way of life.  However, travel and living in Korea is always inexpensive, so you don’t have to volunteer or work in order to live cheap here.

You can choose to spend your time in the urban heart of Korea, Seoul, or in one of the smaller cities in the countryside.  During the summer, it is popular to hang out at one of Korea’s many beaches, playing in the surf and enjoying fresh seafood. Korea also boasts an active nightlife, with clubs featuring DJ’s, rock bands and, of course, karaoke.



Vietnam has recently emerged as one of the top destinations in Asia for budget travelers. This is because this country is blessed with dramatic coastlines, majestic mountains and a scenic countryside. The people are friendly, the food is decadent and the climate tropical. And it just happens to be one of the most inexpensive places to visit in Asia as well. Its history of violence kept tourists at bay for decades, but that is all in the past. The Vietnam of today is completely safe and welcoming to tourists. You can stay here for as little as $20 a day. You may end up spending more, however, if you plan on taking tours.

When you visit here, don’t miss the hidden caves and lagoons of Halong Bay, the popular Nha Trang beach or miss exploring Phong Nha Cave, the largest, and most stunning, cave in Vietnam.  The culture of Vietnam is as equally enticing as its landscape. The people here are very spiritual and kind, and will always greet you with a smile. Visitors to Vietnam always seem to end up staying a bit longer than expected.



Laos is known as the most chilled out destination in Asia. For those looking to escape the hectic life of the city, and not necessarily looking for a happening night life, Laos is paradise found. A deeply religious country, it is not uncommon to see saffron-robed monks moving silently among the monasteries of cities like Luang Prabang. Even the nation’s capital, Vientiane, is refreshingly simple, unlike most of the other capital cities of Asian nations.

Backpackers flock to Laos not only for its laid back vibe but also because it is extremely economical, even cheaper than Vietnam. A popular destination is the city of Vang Vieng with its stunning gothic limestone karsts. Beach life doesn’t get much better than at Si Phan Do, which translates to Four Thousand Islands. This 50 kilometer stretch of beach is full of hammocks and backpackers enjoying them. However, no matter where you travel to in Laos, you are sure to appreciate the stunning scenery and the gentle culture. For the money, life doesn’t get much better than this.


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