Down Time…AHHH!

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I apologize for the downtime recently. As I had mentioned before (LINK TO PREVIOUS POST) we were going to be moving Dorm Room Biz to its own hosting and things happened to take a little longer than expected…surprise surprise.

Anyway, I think that we may have worked everything out. We faced some problems with getting WordPress to upload correctly and also to get the database put back up so that all of the old posts could be back…it was over 30 megs in size, so I definitely did not want to loose all that old content!

I think everything is working now, but if you happen to find something that is not right or a broken link, please contact me so that I can get it fixed. In some old posts, they link to other posts, so those links will probably be broken, but in time I will go back and try to update everything.

Please let me know if you find any problems!

Sorry for the delay…back to business as usual (I hope)!

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