Here we will be featuring some of our favorite posts on Dorm Room Biz to bring back some of the oldies but goodies to keep sharing information with you all. If you are new to Dorm Room Biz, then this is a good place to start!

FOCUS your IDEAS and let your mind LOOSE!

Flush the Toilet: Having a ton of ideas and wanting to do many things with those ideas is perfectly fine, but there must be some order in which you tackle these concepts and when each is actually implemented. You can’t fool yourself into thinking that you can equally distribute your energy between many different projects […]

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How do you get clients?

Ben at College Startup had an interesting post last week. He commented on how he managed to get clients for his different website design and graphic design services that he offers. He makes some very good points, and this is the one that I can relate the most with: What I have learned is it’s […]

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Looking for Bloggers

Hey everyone! I am currently running short on time, which then causes the lack for updates and posts on the site, so I am looking for anyone who may be interested in guest blogging on Dorm Room Biz. If you would like to do so a couple times a week or even every day, I […]

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Used Cell Phones Fit the Bill for Many

From USA Today: With 200 million people in the USA using cellphones, countless thousands of phones are lost or damaged every day. Savvy entrepreneurs are finding ready customers online seeking alternatives to contracts and full-price phones. Type “used cellphone” into a search engine, and scores of possibilities pop up., and offer online […]

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Why and How to Incorporate

I was just reading an excellent post at the Business Opporunities Weblog by guest poster Shimon Sandler. The post takes you through the steps you should take to incorporate your business and some key points to them. Incorporating is not just for big business. If you do business of any kind, it is a great […]

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