Here we will be featuring some of our favorite posts on Dorm Room Biz to bring back some of the oldies but goodies to keep sharing information with you all. If you are new to Dorm Room Biz, then this is a good place to start!

Simon Cowell: From Idol to Inventor

Business Week: The man behind American Idol talks about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur and why his new show focuses on product creation. ….. British-born high-school dropout Simon Cowell is perhaps one of the most recognized figures on American TV. Best known as the acerbic judge on the Fox show American Idol […]

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Startup Venture Toolbox

From Dane’s Business Opportunities Weblog: BusinessWorks: You have a great business idea, or a niche, maybe you can provide a service no one else can. What next? Have you thought of concept from a market size, intellectual property, human resources needs, competitive position and financial requirements point of view? Take a Business Proof of Concept […]

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Goal Setting

“Move on forward toward your goal; powerful people who previously stood in your way are now no match for your passion” – Aries Horoscope 10.19.2005 A few weeks ago, I had received that message via a text message as my horoscope for the day. Goal setting is an extremely important task for younger students and […]

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Time Management

This sort of goes along with my last blog post (which was over a week ago, I am sorry!). Anyway, I posted this a while back on my other blog, A Crash Course In Entrepreneuship, a while back and wanted to share it with you all here. OK so I have been holding off on […]

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Get Organized for 2006!

Neville’s Financial Blog brings some great tips on trying to stay organized and the ways that work for him (and some that I even use!). I would definitly suggest checking out the full article, but here is the one that I live by daily! DAILY TO-DO’s: Favorite method: Sticky Note Chain. I’ve experimented extensively in […]

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