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How to Be More Charismatic

Via Small Business Branding: Now, after a month of researching the topic, consulting with experts, and – in near voyeuristic fashion – simply observing charismatic people, I’m prepared to dispense the fine points of charisma. If I do my job effectively, you should walk away with several tips about how to be more attractive and […]

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Why Traditional Marketing is Dead

Via Small Business Branding: Before we celebrate the death of traditional marketing, lets set the stage for its timely and fortunate demise. The long-awaited Iraqi election is over, and I wonder how many people realize the significance of such an event. Millions of human beings – who suffered at the hands of a brutal, murderous […]

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How To Make Money Online Using Niche Content Websites

Entrepreneur’s Journey: Does the idea of continuous passive income from websites you can set-up and forget about sound good to you? Well that is what niche content websites are all about. Our guest online dimes takes a look at this online income method and gives us their 2 cents. The concept is reasonably simple. Do […]

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I hate selling my books back!

I absolutely hate it! This is going to be a bit of a rant, so I warn you now. This has to be the worst feeling in the world- selling back your college textbooks and getting a small fraction of the money that you spend on them. So I took all but one of my […]

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Welcome to

Hello and welcome to the brand new Dorm Room Biz located at We are still currently working on getting the site design customized and getting everything organized, so be sure to check back soon for more updates!

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