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Here is the first idea that I like from the Small Business Opportunities magazine – sunglass sales.

Sunglasses have become much more than a way to battle the sun’s strong rays. They are a veritable fashion accessory and men, women, teens and even children own more than one pair. It’s a $2 billion-plus industry and there is plenty of room for you to join the boom!

You can buy great looking sunglasses at rock-bottom prices and resell them to your customers for a very nice profit. You can sell the sunglass products at fairs, flea markets, from carts and kiosks, and even in parking lots at sports events on at the beach.

All you need is a resource from whom you can purchase your inventory and here are two you should contact for more information.

Solar Sunglasses is a resource for your budding sunglass enterprise. They offer quantity discounts and high0profit potential for their items. If you already have space rented in a mall or shopping district, these products will sell right from your cart. You can check their website at to learn more or call the company at 877-765-2732 to receive information.

The company has extensive inventory and products for every age group. The company also offers great merchandising tools such as a cart that can fit in any mini-van. See the website for details and to check out the easy ordering system. The products are shipped immediately; the start up package is $99

For only $99 you can get the start up package which includes: 32 pairs of sunglasses from the most popular styles and 2 nice display cases for counter tops and tables. You can spend some more and go with two other packages as well. Special #2 $250: 10 dozen sunglasses plus a display rack. Special #3 $300: 12 dozen sunglasses plus a counter top display rack.

The problem with selling sunglasses is finding the right location. Most malls either have a store like the Sunglass Hut or a kiosk cart selling them. So what do you do? Look for other options.

If you are a college student, see if you can sell them on campus. From doing some research, I know some schools require you to be a business and pay a fee or percentage of sales to the school for selling on their property. The way to battle this would be to try and link the sales to a fundraiser for a club or organization. Say that the profits are going to the club or they are being split a certain way.

Most universities also have an off-campus bookstore. At the beginning of the fall semester, our off-campus bookstore has a company who comes and does a HUGE poster sale. Maybe yours does something like this too. Your target market is already there, see if you can tag on and sell your sunglasses as well. Again, you may have to pay some fee or percentage, but it could be worth it!

If reaching your market doesn’t work that way, look into flea markets, festivals, carnivals, concerts, or any event that drawls attention from the local community. Talk to your local Chamber of Commerce about possible events and seeing if it is possible.

Overall, I like the idea and for a small investment for the start up package to give it a test run, there could be some money to be made! I would add this venture to my list of things to try out!

Other resources for wholesale sunglasses include:
-Lipopsun (
-Any Wholesale Sunglasses (

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3 Responses to Find The Biz That’s Right For You! – Sunglass Sales

  1. Jacob May 19, 2007 at 2:47 pm #

    I have to say, this is a really cool idea. Ever since I’ve read this article, I’ve been thinking about ways I could potentially sell the sun glasses. It would be very cool to set up a little sun glasses shop. Nice article!

  2. Chris May 21, 2007 at 10:02 pm #

    Glad you enjoyed it. I am working on the next couple and should be posting some more ideas Tuesday/Wednesday.


  3. John February 11, 2008 at 10:07 am #

    I have been selling sunglasses retail for a while. I have seen many wholesale sunglass companies. The DE Designer Eyewear Sunglasses have sold well for me.

    I have been buying them from

    A good retail price is $8.95 each I pay around $1.50 so it is a good profit.

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