FreelanceSwitch Releases First Book: How To Be A Rockstar Freelancer

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The authors of FreelanceSwitch have done it again, this time with the release of their new eBook, the first of what will soon be a series, entitled “How To Be a Rockstar Freelancer”

212 Pages of Expert Freelancing Advice

Covering everything from getting started to expanding your business, How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer is the official FreelanceSwitch book. Written by Collis & Cyan Ta’eed – the founders of the site – it’s packed with new information, advice and insights not covered on the blog.

If you haven’t already done so, I would encourage you to read the quick review that Darren at Problogger wrote about the book. If you are tired of reading long and boring sales pages like I am, you will like the way that they have put it together at FreelanceSwitch. Everything is nicely outlined and to the point.

Although I have not had the chance to purchase the eBook yet and read it, just from looking over the topics covered, I can tell this is well worth the moderate price tag. I would strongly recommend you head over to their sales page and make the purchase. I will probably be doing so soon!

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