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Have you ever heard of HostGator Hosting? I didn’t think so, because I had not heard of them either. However, incase you are looking to switch hosting providers, maybe you should check them out. There is a site called which offers HostGator coupons and reviews of the site. HostGator claims to eat up the competition, but I am not sure how they are going to be doing that when they are offering coupons of $9.94 when they advertise a shared hosting plan that only costs $4.95.

Anyway, HostGatorReviews and their coupon section have a nice little idea set up. As long as the coupons stay current and do not expire on them, they can continue to just leave the site sitting and slowly market it to their general target market. Now, the problem that I am seeing with the HostGator coupons site is….how are they making any money? From what I can see on their sites, there are no general advertisements such as Google AdSense or TextLinkAds. They are spending money on this review, so how are they making money to spend? Do they get a kick back from the hosting company for sending people to their site and using these coupons? Who knows!

Anyway, if you are interested in what looks like to be a good deal from their page with the different plans on it, go sign up for a month and be sure to use a HostGator Coupon to save you a little extra!

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