How can social media be beneficial to online casino sites?

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come-on-jackpotOnline casino and gaming in general has gone from strength to strength over the last decade. This is due to improved interactivity, graphics and software, but social media, utilized by many different sites such as, has also played its part in keeping this industry ahead of the trends. With the rise in people gaming on their phones, it’s an obvious move to seamlessly integrate social networking with gaming as these are two things that everyone does on their phones.

Facebook is a platform where many people play games like poker together plus lots of other non-casino games. It’s a great example of bringing the two things together. Users invite ‘friends’ into games and this pops up as a notification on your Facebook page. Most businesses use twitter to their advantage now as it is a great place to talk directly to the consumers. For gamers, this is a real time extension on the traditional forums you get on websites. Not only can you ask the developers about up to the minute changes or problems, but you can tweet fellow gamers and keep a conversation going.

When sites encounter problems for example crashing or certain things aren’t working they can post update on twitter or their Facebook pages knowing that their community of gamers will head straight there to find out what is going on. Aside from keeping in the loop, social media is a great way to build up a fan base through advertising banners and also offering incentives. Via any social media pages companies can offer special bonuses for signing up, even YouTube as it can be used for reviews or showing new games.

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