Keep Them…No I Mean Keepm!

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The other day I came across a new site called “Keepm”. The site is basically a free online contact management solution. My roommate and I had been talking about this a couple months back and after doing some research he found ones that did exactly that- hold information on all your contacts and even notified your contacts if you changed your contact info, so that they were updated.

Well after looking at some of them, there was a lot involved to keep all of your contact information up to date and enter new contacts. Keepm makes it simple and easy. Although, as far as I have noticed today, Keepm does not allow you to notify your contacts of any changes to your information (although that would be awesome), it does make it extremely easy to add your contacts and edit their information. I started adding my family and close friends information and really like the way the system is set up so far.

A site or system like this is great for people who are in a situation like I am this summer. I am working full time for a government contractor and because of secret classifications and sensitive documentation and all that kind of good stuff, employees are not allowed to have any kind of camera’s including cell phones with cameras. So needless to say, my cell phone stays in my car all day and then during lunch or when I get off, I am able to check my messages and return any calls if needed. Yet there are some times when I need to contact someone, say a friend whose phone number I do not have memorized, that I either have to go out to my car whenever I need to get the number or just wait until the end of the day. Without having my phone, I don’t have anyway to contact anyone really- email can only do so much, especially if they do not check it often or are working/busy themselves.

So Keepm is a great solution for me. It is easy to upload contact info, easy to manage and update, and can easily be exported to Outlook and you can even import from Outlook. What is the coolest part of it all you may be asking? You can send Keepm different business cards for your contacts and they will enter in the information into your account for free. Granted it would suck to be on the receiving end if someone sent you 200 business cards to be entered, however, think about the amount of use of the site that person is going to be doing. He/She will probably stay logged in to the site everyday.

So, if your like me and can’t have access to your phone or normal method of getting contact information, but do have an internet connection, then check out Keepm and sign up today! ITS FREE TOO

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  1. Joseph DePalma June 15, 2007 at 1:49 pm #

    Thanks for the comments about Keepm! I’m glad you like the service so much.

    Let us know if you need any help – and trust me, our interns don’t mind entering thousands of business cards for you 🙂


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