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So the other day, I wrote a quick review about a site offering HostGater coupons, well I found out that they offer hosting coupons for a few different hosting companies, another one that they have is Lunarpages. Lunarpages hosting company is a little more known then HostGator, but who has heard of Lunarpages? I have used it previously for a few clients who already had the hosting set up when I came in to do website development and they have a good service and good customer service.

For those of you looking for a decent deal, then this may be it. Unlike the HostGator coupons that were all for only $9.94, the Lunarpages coupons are for different amounts based on the different package/plan that you choose. The best coupon that they offer is one that gives you $28 off and 2 free months! Wait…is that $28 off plus two months free OR $28 off which means 2 months free…I believe it to be the second. I went through the checkout process and entered the coupon and in the final order page it shows a total of $166.80 for 1 years worth of hosting and then 2 months of free hosting, $28 off purchase price, with a final total of $138.80. So do not let it trick you into thinking that it is 2 free months plus another $28 off the price.

Anyway, if you are looking for a webhosting company that is a little more well known then HostGator, then check out Lunarpages. They have excellent support and a great service.

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