Monday Morning Linkage

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I just wanted to drop off a couple good links for you all to check out when you get bored throughout the day. These came across my feedreader either over the weekend or this morning.

Prepare for SuccessProMoneyBlog: A nice little motivational post about preparing your self for success and how to get there.

5 Steps to a Rock Solid Promotional PlanStartupStudents: A post going into the importance of a promotional plan and 5 ways to make sure that yours is a great one.

5 Top Notch Services for your StartupMindPetals: David put up a great post looking into different services for startup entrepreneurs and listed 5 of the best. Great for the bootstrapper!

And for those of you who have not been following it, Darren at has been running a series over the last week about Getting Your Blogging Grove Back. He talks about writing posts that include lists, ask your readers questions, answer reader questions, telling a story, and more. I suggest you go check it out if you are fallen into a blogging rut!


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