November Earnings Recap

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So its about that time again where affiliate commissions have been paid and it is time to recap the earnings from November. For the month of November, Dorm Room Biz pulled down $47.92.

Here is where it came from:

  • AdSense: $12.92
  • ReviewMe: $15.00
  • Private Sponsorships: $20.00

The AdSense figure is a little skewed because it also factors in the money pulled in from a couple other sites of mine, so not all of it was produced from Dorm Room Biz, but it is still a decent number for not having much prevalence on the page. I also picked up a little bit of money from a few Google searches that were performed on another site of mine.

The ReviewMe amount was from a couple different paid campaign reviews that I wrote. Although there is not a lot of payout involved with these, it is nice to wrote a quick 200-300 word post and get paid for it.

Dorm Room Biz also had one private sponsorship for $20 for the month.

So over all, not too bad of a performance compared to the last time that I wrote one of these recaps. Hopefully we keep going up from here!

On that note, if you might be looking for some low priced advertising opportunities for your business, website, or blog, please contact us as with our new theme launch, we are going to be offering some ridiculously low priced advertising spots for the first month. You can also read about the other advertising opportunities offered by Dorm Room Biz here.

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