Back From Home

I apologize for not posting anything over the weekend on Dorm Room Biz. My girlfriend and I travelled home to Maryland (5 hours north from here in Virginia) to spend a little time with my family on Friday/Saturday and then went down to my girlfriends house for Saturday night/Sunday. It was a nice little break […]

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I had been reading about a guy who has been creating about 3-4 sites a week based on celebrities. Each site was only a couple pages with very basic info- biography, pictures, links. Yet he loaded them up with AdSense and is making $2.00+ from each site per day. Hes now up to a collection […]

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Entrepreneurship in Education?

This post is more of a little research or poll to see what you all think about someone going to college to get a degree in entrepreneurship. Most young entrepreneurs fell as though entrepreneurship is something that is not taught in a classroom and it is not something you can completely learn. Many people fell […]

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