eBay Success Series- Part 1

So you are looking to get into selling items on eBay, eh? Well being a business related website and also all about entrepreneurship, I wanted to share with you what has made me successful and also lead me to partner with a friend to start an eBay business which I will discuss later on through […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

I was brought to this post through the latest edition of the Carnival of Entrepreneurship. The post is hosted at Everyday Entrepreneurs and is a list of the Top 10 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur. A lot of the reasons hit home with me and are why I am taking the road less travelled, the […]

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Partnering With Friends

Brian at The Entrepreneurial Endeavor has a great post about partnering with friends that I missed last week while without the internet. He goes into some details about what you should consider when partnering with a friend on a business venture and all of it is very true. He puts a great insight into his […]

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Where The Hell Have I Been?

Alright, so with over a week of no action here from me, you have probably been wondering where the hell I have been, so I plan on telling you! Last saturday, May 13th, I moved into my new apartment at school since I am taking a summer course down here. Since then, I have not […]

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Project Update 1 – Virginia Hiker

With the summer here, I have opted to not take a full time job/internship as many of my friends have done and therefore given up earning a steady income as I did last summer which worked out really well. Instead, I am working on launching another website, Virginia Hiker. I will be using Virginia Hiker […]

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