Classes Start Tomorrow

So I have now been back at school for almost 2 weeks getting settled back into my apartment and also helping out with a freshman wilderness orientation program. I have made my daily trips to Wal-Mart and think that I am finally ready to get things rolling again. Classes start back up in the morning […]

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Its Been Forever!

I know, its been a hell of a long time since I have been able to write anything for Dorm Room Biz. I am finally getting back into the swing of things and some content will be coming this week, I promise! Please stay tuned!

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Get Back To Your Roots!

Dorm Room Biz was originally started to be an outlet for me to be able to discuss different college/dorm room business ideas with other like minded entrepreneurs. While I had accomplished this in the beginning, I want to get back to the roots of Dorm Room Biz and start discussing ideas again. The past few […]

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What Motivates Me to Blog? Darren Rowse Answers

Darren Rowse of was greatful enough to answer the question I posed to him the other day about “What Motivates You to Blog” and here is his response. Communication – If I had to name one thing that I love most I’d narrow it down to something around ‘communication’. Most of the things that […]

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What Motivates You to Blog?

This is a damn good question! Staying motivated to continually blog and write new articles can be a tuff task. No matter what the content of your blog be, being able to crank out new stuff is hard. I am not really sure what keeps me going and blogging, if anything. I am sure that […]

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