Only Takes A Sheet

A few days a go I walked over to my printer and grabbed a piece of paper to begin brainstorming and writing down ideas/concepts for a new business that I am working on. Whenever I start a business I always limit myself to one piece of white computer paper to start putting down the details […]

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Alright, I know I lied…I said I was going to have the second half of the resume series up only a day or two after the first was posted. However, time has gotten away from me once again! I am going to have to put it into thirds, and will be posting the second instillation […]

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David Askaripour jumps onboard Dorm Room Biz

Hello Dorm Room Biz readers, my name is David Askaripour and I am the founder of Cashcampus, LLC and author of Flush the Toilet: Student Entrepreneurship blog. Cashcampus is a content-related company that’s geared towards students and young entrepreneurs and “Flush the Toilet” is a blog focused on helping young entrepreneurs with their businesses in […]

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5 growth tips for women in business

Organizations that offer advice, contacts and other resources for women entrepreneurs. – If you’re a smart entrepreneur, you want intelligence. That means finding groups, individuals and sites with information that can help your business. This Business 2.0 article is great resource for those women entrepreneurs out there! Check it out for some resources for how […]

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Low Cost Weekend Businesses

I just saw this post over at the Business Opportunities Weblog and wanted to share it with everyone. The things that caught my attention waere LOW COST and WEEKEND. These are both two key factors for college entrepreneurs looking to make some extra money in the little spare time that they have. The ideas originially […]

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