Picked up some new books to read! Check it out!

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Just a quick note that I picked up a couple new books yesterday while at Barnes and Noble. I had a gift card left over from my birthday that I wanted to use since I will be taking a vacation next week down to the Outer Banks, NC.

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko – As I was looking through the shelves this book caught my eye. I remember reading something about it on another blog about the different lessons that it reveals about finding your right career and how it embodied some of the lessons from The 4 Hour Work Week. Because it is put together as a cartoon/manga book, it should be a pretty quick read. In just about 15 minutes, I have read half of it. Just didn’t have the chance to finish it at the time. There is even a movie like trailer for the book, see below.

Johnny Bunko trailer from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.

Rules For Renegades – This was a bit of an impulse buy as I had never heard anything about the book or heard of it in general. But, the green lettering on the cover caught my attention and the descriptions made me interested. It talks about how to make more money, rock your career, and revel in your individuality.

I should probably finish Johnny Bunko tonight or tomorrow and then get started on Rules for Renegades, hopefully finishing up in a couple weeks as long as it is interesting and can keep my attention. Look out for reviews coming soon on them both!

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  1. Mike Michalowicz May 9, 2008 at 2:57 pm #


    Have a safe trip and fun trip down to the Outer Banks! I like the book recommendations – it is often those ones that know one that has heard of, that has the nugget of great info.
    Some tough reviews on Amazon though…

    – Mike

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