Shoemoney’s Travel Tips – Some helpful stuff for the extreme conference attendee who is all over the place!

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Incase you guys don’t follow Shoemoney’s blog, then you probably missed his recent post on his travel tips. I definitely think they are worth reading and sharing with others. Some of them may not apply to you but others are some good ones.

Always get 2 begs @ your hotel
Take some food
Get a fridge for that food
Make sure you hydrate
Just stay at the host hotel you cheap ass
Hangover recipe
Southwest Airlines A-B-C Seating
Learn how tipping works
Call your room number 

I will attest to the idea of staying at your host hotel. Recently when I was in Atlanta, GA for a Delta Sigma Pi LEAD conference, we opted to stay at a members of ours parents house. She told us that she was close to the city and we wouldn’t have any problem getting to the hotel and back in a timely manner. Well, when it came down to it and we got the directions from Radford, VA to her house and then from her house to the conference hotel, her house was an hour away from the hotel. Although we saved about $400 on hotel rooms, we spent at least another $75 on gas driving to the hotel, around downtown Atlanta, and then back to her parents house. Not staying at the hotel also did not give us an easy place to change, take a nap after the conference, or just relax. We also missed out on the opportunity to meet, network, and party with other members of our Fraternity. So, the lesson learned here is that next semester we are staying at the hotel for sure!

Check out the tips given by Jeremy and feel free to comment with any of your own!

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