The Importance Of Workplace Security

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Whether you work at home or in an office, it’s important you understand how to keep your workplace secure. Every office should have a security policy in place not just for their staff but for their goods. Offices tend to have thousands of pound’s worth of kit in the one place and even a home office can have valuable assets that you don’t want to lose due to negligence. Security is important and not just on the outside, but on the inside. With policies for health, safety and security in every office in the country, it’s no wonder that a huge amount of a business budget is placed in insurances. From public liability insurance to general liability insurance, there are a number of ways a business can cover itself from physical break-ins. If you’re a homeworker you should still make sure you have the right liability and business insurance in place.

Security doesn’t just refer to the online and cloud security you should have. It encompasses everything to do with your business and keeping your business secure from all and any threats should be your priority as a business owner. Security at work is available in many forms, from men on the door of large office buildings, safes for valuable assets, key-card access to a building, secure cabinets for documentation and installed SIEM programs and firewalls for your computer. Security in the workplace not only ensures the safety of your employees but also your confidential business documents. Employees should be well versed on the security you have put in place for your building, car park and technology upon entering the workplace as a member of staff. Putting the right things in place for your office security is imperative and by following these few tips, you could have your security on lock.

  • Always check that doors and window secure access is working and at the end of each day, make sure you’ve locked each one. You should have an alarm to be set at the end of each day so when you come in the next morning you can recheck all the locks to ensure none have been tampered with.
  • Invest in some excellent access control whether that be key cards or coded access. Keeping a list of who has what card also will be allow you to keep track of who comes in and out, which is god for your office fire safety if nothing else.
  • A good system for your office technology will mean the difference between leaving important office documentation vulnerable or not. Investing in the proper data protection will mean hacking from the outside is far more difficult.
  • Business is competition and if you know that your company could potentially be under threat from outside influences you should make a point of investing in excellent cloud and technology defense systems.

We have an increasingly litigious culture in the workplace and competition among companies is rife. Confidentiality is so important as failure to properly secure the interests of your clients can lead to leaks. In the wrong hands, this information that has been leaked can be misused. The last thing your company will need is to be at the receiving end of an investigation due to poor document management systems. So what kind of information should be protected? Everything and anything relating to clients of the business, employee medical records as well as personal information. A policy on confidentiality should be imposed on all staff in the workplace and if everyone is on the same page at work, you will find that security is tight from management down to the low-level employees.

Keeping your company updated with laws and regulations with regard to workplace protection will enable you to make informed decisions on training, security upgrades and software protection. Certifying your business with the right documentation and training will also make your company a more credible one for clients to use. There is a renewed awareness of safety in the office and finding the right balance between healthy and safety and security is key. Not only do you want to keep your interests private and protected, you want to keep your employees safe and happy. Make sure your office is well covered with key cards and security guards if you deal with high-priority vulnerable documentation.

Being sensitive to the needs of your clients and your staff is what will make you a great employer. As long as you understand workplace security, you won’t go far wrong.

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