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A couple months ago I launched a niche celebrity fan website called The main purpose was to look at the ability to create small 5 page niche websites, throw some AdSense code on them, and let them roll. I wanted to do a little review of how that went.

SEO Work

I didn’t do much SEO work at all with the site. I added in the keywords and search phrases, but that was it. Besides a few links to other sites and incoming links, all traffic must be coming from either direct type ins or search engine results. I would like to get some more links to the site, and also optimize it some more with more keyword usage in the content to help it grow some.

AdSense Revenues

So the real reason that the site was started was to make a little money off of it and I have. In the time that the site launched to date, has earned about $32.00. The start was a little quick with clicks, which came from showing the website on places like Young Go Getter but the earnings slowed down. Now they have picked up again, bringing in anywhere from 25 cents to $1.0 a day.

Other Revenue Sources

I haven’t had the chance to do it yet, but I want to apply to Text Link Ads for the site and see if it will get accepted. By adding TLA to the site, it could easily bring in some larger revenue numbers.

Future Plans

*Continue developing the website: edit content to be more keyword dense, add more pictures, and get more links
*Add Text Link Ads
*Advertise the website more, look into purchasing some AdWords to get sponsored links and more exposure.

Was it successful? I’d say so. I have made my money back from the domain name and then some.

Would I do it again? Of course! I am hoping to develop a couple more similar websites during the summer while I am home. My goal is to launch 2-4 of these similar sites within the first month of summer (May to June). If each website would be able to bring in just a dollar a day, say for 4 websites, that’s about $120 a month. This could turn into a solid passive income stream if I can continue to develop the websites.

If anyone else is taking this approach to building a portfolio of websites and earning some money, I would love to hear your experiences. What have you been doing that works? What problems have you faced?

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