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uniquness is power logoThursday night I had the opportunity to be a guest on a local radio show out of Atlanta, GA called Uniqueness is Power, hosted by Andy Greider and Lee Kantor. I called in to discuss different topics about Dorm Room Biz, its future expansion, student business ideas, and entrepreneurship in general.

About the show:
Uniqueness is Power is a marketing, business growth solutions show, centered around the idea that businesses can thrive and expand if they are given fresh ideas of how to market themselves, and shown ways to save bottom line cash each month.

About the hosts:
Andy Greider and Lee Kantor are acknowledged marketing and business growth experts, and each week, we explore hot topics, have on a Business Booster guest (someone who can either save you money, or increase sales) and our Unique of the Week (someone standing out in a crowded industry who is willing to share how they do it.)

Listen to the podcast to hear our discussion. If you don’t want to listen to the whole show, forward through the first 5 minutes or so and then I’ll be on around the 8 or 9 minute mark. I am sorry if I sound a bit muffled on the recording, I have been fighting a cold the last few days and am just starting to get over it!

You can download the podcast here.

To listen to podcasts of previous episodes, you can visit the Uniqueness is Power website at http://uip.libsyn.com/.

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