UpDown: where will your stocks go?

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Note: this isn’t a paid review or anything like that, I just think it is a pretty cool site

Just a quick post today, to let you know about a site I am starting to use more and more.

The stock market isn’t exactly looking good at the moment. Investing in stocks is a hard and risky task, while some stocks may still pay big, most will see your money go down. But what if you still fancy yourself as a bit of an investor? What if, you think you could survive in these testing times that have brought down many big names that were considered safe just months ago? Well, if you do, then UpDown.com is the site for you! With $1000000 to invest and no risk (you can even make a bit of cash) now is your chance to prove to Wall Street that you are exactly what they need!

This site is actually pretty fun. It feels quite cool when you make a virtual profit or a good decision (you just start to wish it really was real).

Have fun!


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