What A Mess! Cleaning Up A Mistake With A Client

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Relationships are one of the key aspects of a business and a client to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. But there are times when this is far from the case, sometimes when we work with the clients, either by doing something for them or they are doing something for us, that there can be issues that get us all caught in the crossfire. And while it’s naive to say that mistakes should never be made, the real way to address the problem, if there ever is a mistake made by you, is the process in how you handle it. So let’s clear up the mess…

Discover The Root Cause Of The Problem

This will be the first port of call if you ever received a complaint from a client. Before making any hasty decisions, getting your back up and saying something you might regret, it’s important to make time to find what is behind the problem, and if the mistake runs deep. If you can find the error of your ways, you need to see if there is a way to rectify the problem, especially if it’s within a legal capacity. Even from your perspective, if you need to go down the legal route it’s always very important to try and prevent this where you can, mainly because of the costs involved, especially if you are a startup business where funds are incredibly limited. It’s important if you ever find yourself in a court situation that you need to protect your business and one method is to apply for a judicial bond to be put in place, which is usually required during the process of court proceedings which helps to minimize loss. You can find more about this through many different surety bonds companies such as Meadowbrook Direct, and you can browse the various judicial bonds at their site for more information on the different types and what they entail. But it is always best to prevent the case ever going to court, which is why it’s important to do the next step…

Own The Mistake!

Taking responsibility is very difficult for a lot of people to do when they are at fault, but thinking about this from the perspective of your business and how important it is to keep clients happy, it’s much better for everybody to admit a mistake and apologize. Sincerity is the key when it comes to this and while it’s simple to fire off an email explaining how sorry you are, it shows you in a better light if you take the personal steps to contacting them and offering to rectify the issue in whatever way you can.

How You Can Fix The Mistake

The two important things to bear in mind when it comes to rectifying a mistake is to see the impacts in a financial sense as well as the human sense. If it is necessary, then it’s in your best interest to pay to fix the mistake, especially if you are working with the client on a long-term basis. So you may come to an agreement to have it taken out of the invoice, rather than you paying up front, but of course, as you need to live you need to come to some agreement. The damage you need to repair in a relationship sense may have a far-reaching impact than you think and while money may fix the problem on a superficial basis, you need to build up that trust again, particularly if your company relies on relationships as its crux. So if you ever do make a mistake, whole-hearted ownership is the best way to rectify it, and it’s important to remember that sometimes repairing a relationship is more important than your pride, as this will not only keep your client but it will do something more for you in more ways than just in a business sense.


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