$2000 College Scholarship for Student Bloggers

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Here is a great opportunity for you student/college bloggers. SPENDonLIFE.com is sponsoring a $2,000 college scholarship for a student blogger. For the full details, check out the website they set up for the contest.

The quick and dirty jist of the rules is that you need to be a student blogger and write a blog post about the importance of credit or the dangers of identity theft. The other requirements is that the entry be LESS THAN 400 words and that you link back to the details about the scholarship. Sounds pretty easy ‘eh? 400 words on a topic that you are most likely familiar with anyway? You better get to work doing some research and come up with a creative post – there are no restraints on how you discuss either topic!!

All entries should be posted and submitted by December 1st. You can find out how to submit your scholarship blogging entry on the SPENDonLIFE website.

So, you interested in lowering your student loans or having to work a few less hours at your part time job? Then enter this contest! If you need help with blogging or are a beginner blogger, than they even point you to ProBlogger.net’s Blogging Tips for Beginners.

Now, here are a few quick ideas I had on how you could spin your blog posts:

  • Write about how credit as a college student is the worse thing ever because you spend too much money on booze and at the bar when you should be saving and doing your school work
  • Write about how credit is great because it allows you to have the time of your life with your friends and you do not care if you come out of college with $500+ in credit card debt from your last semester
  • Blog about problems with identity theft on a college campus – or are there not any? Do some research and find out!
  • Tell a personal story about your credit history, when you got a credit card, and how you manage your credit effectively
  • Know someone who has had their identity stolen? See if they will let you blog about them. Maybe even interview them!

The topics that could evolve around credit and identity theft are endless. What are you waiting for? Get writing and submit your post!

**Please note that Dorm Room Biz is not actually sponsoring this contest nor do we have any part in it. Please direct all questions about entering and qualifying for the contest to SPENDonLIFE.

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4 Responses to $2000 College Scholarship for Student Bloggers

  1. Jennifer Frank October 30, 2008 at 2:11 pm #

    Hey Chris-

    This competition is a great idea! I’ve just started blogging, so I only have a couple of posts so far. Would I still be able to participate in this competition even though I only have a couple of posts?

  2. Chris October 30, 2008 at 2:30 pm #

    Hi Jennifer – Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I do not think it matters how long you have been blogging. I’m not actually running this contest, it is sponsored by SPENDonLIFE.com. Check out their website linked in the post and direct all questions their way! Thanks again!

  3. Keith Lauren October 30, 2008 at 5:37 pm #

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for covering this. I’m with SpendOnLife & we are excited about this program.

    Jennifer, to answer your questions, yes you do not have to have a large number of posts to enter. The only requirements are that the blogger be 18, a student, and the blog not be a pure spam / splog type website.



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