Advertising is important for any website or business, as you well know! So why not look at all the different options available to you?

Dorm Room Biz is currently offering different advertising spots for businesses or websites that are interested in expanding their reach into the realm of young student entrepreneurs and student business owners. If your website or business falls into this category, you have come to the right spot!

Sponsored Posts
Sponsored posts are a great cost effective way to get your product or service out to the readers of Dorm Room Biz and also build a bit of exposure for you. For a low price, you can have a writer of Dorm Room Biz write a review of your product, service, website, blog, or whatever else you would like. The review will be at least 300 words and will always be the honest opinion of the writer about the topic in general unless there is something specific that you would like to have reviewed. The post about your product or service will stay in the Dorm Room Biz archives for as long as the site is online and running.

Sponsored Links
Have a little extra room in your advertising/marketing budget and want to get your link on a site dedicated to student entrepreneurs and young go getters? Then purchasing a sponsored link package is the right way to go for you! Advertise your service, product, or website on Dorm Room Biz for a month or how ever long you would like and when the search engines start crawling our site, your link will get picked up and help to increase the exposure to your website or product. Sponsored links will be placed in the Recommended Sites section of the sidebar. What are you waiting for?

125 x 125 Sidebar Buttons
Pretty much every website or blog offers a standard 125 pixel by 125 pixel button or ad spot on their website; Dorm Room Biz is no different. With the 12x x 125 sidebar ad, your ad will be shown on every page of the website and be able to attract the most attention by being colorful, bold, and noticeable. Purchase the best advertising option that we offer today.

Anything else you would want to know before making the great decision to advertise your product, service, blog, or company on Dorm Room Biz? Contact us and we will answer your questions.

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