Proven Ways to Both Reach and Appeal To Customers!

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Coming up with a great business idea for products or services that people actually want is just the start. You might have the best company in the world, but unless the right people are able to find it then you’ll never be a success. For this reason, marketing and promotion is so important, as it’s this that allows you to get your name out there. But what different ways can you both reach and appeal to customers?

Business Expos

Business expos can be a minefield if you’re new to the game, but attending an event like this can be the perfect opportunity to market your business. Start with the stall itself, make it interesting and appealing so that passing customers and clients are more likely to get involved. Games, competitions, challenges and live demonstrations will be far more interesting than bland presentations. You could look at tabletop trade show displays by Exhibe Corporation for eye-catching ideas that will draw people in. Choose a good spot for your stall too, since location is everything at these kinds of events. Ends of aisles do well, and think of the routes people will take to things like toilets and to find food. Placing yourself along here will boost your foot traffic. Be sure to follow up on all of the leads gained at the event, after all this is the reason why you attended. If you take down contact details of interested businesses, you can send them a polite follow up shortly afterwards and proceed from there.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an extremely effective way to connect with customers and clients- plus it’s free. This form of marketing is actually is one of the most important things to get right when it comes to advertising and promotion. As well as being a useful platform for communicating offers and marketing materials, but it helps you to connect with customers and even builds up loyalty and trust with your brand- it helps to show your potential customers that you’re a legitimate business and not just a scam. From a practical point of view, social media marketing also has higher conversion rates than other types of marketing so is a good place to invest your marketing budget.

Gain Customer Reviews

Most customers will read company reviews before shopping with you for the first time. That way they are able to see from past customers what kind of experiences they have had, and can judge if they want to take the risk or shop somewhere that they know. For this reason, good customer reviews are so important. They will help you to appeal to customers and can help to sway anyone who is currently sat on the fence. When asked nicely, most people will leave a review- so it’s always worth sending a polite follow-up email after the transaction asking your customers to review you. It’s a great, free way to build up your reputation, although of course negative reviews will have the opposite effect so it’s important to put out good service always.

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