Here we will be featuring some of our favorite posts on Dorm Room Biz to bring back some of the oldies but goodies to keep sharing information with you all. If you are new to Dorm Room Biz, then this is a good place to start!

What To Outsource To Grow Your Business And Thrive

So many new business owners forget one vital thing: they can’t do it alone. In the beginning of your business, you get so used to doing everything yourself, your way, and to your standard. But there comes a time where you just can’t keep doing things that way, or your life and work will suffer. […]

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What To Do When Bad Credit Gets Worse

Whether you’re in your own business or just living comfortably working for somebody else, bad credit can have a serious effect on your life. It stops you from expanding, it stops you from taking your skills higher, and it can stop you from even seeking out these kind of opportunities. We all need finances at […]

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Getting Things Ready for Opening Your First Business

While it is true that some people manage to become very successful on their first attempt, this is more of an exception to a rule. In fact, comeback stories are far more common than those of overnight success and even some of the greatest businessmen of all time, like Walt Disney and Henry Ford, failed […]

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The Art of Presenting Winning Proposals

After a long sales process, presenting to your clients is the final hurdle which you must overcome. However, this can feel like a very daunting thing to do as it put you in a high pressure situation. Here, we will look closer at a few ways which you can increase your odds of improving your […]

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Businesses You Can Start In An Hour

Try it! There’s going to be a lot more you’ve done outside of this hour, such as brainstorming your name and looking into domain options. Similarly, it’s likely you’ve already made or collected all of the products you want to sell, and that means you’ve got an hour with plenty of time to play with […]

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