What is the obsession with Text Messaging?

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what is the obsession with text messaging?The phenomenon that is text messaging has swept over the world the last couple years and helped to sky rocket the cell bills for many parents of teenagers and even preteens. Why is this? What is so exciting about text messaging? I don’t understand it!

My earliest class this semester is a 9 AM biology lecture. Majority of the students are freshman and sophomores. A handful of juniors and a few seniors like myself are thrown into the mix. Yet, no matter what their school classification is, there is text messaging going on all around me.

Today before even 9 AM, the girl that sits next to me was sending a text message as we walked into the classroom. Now she is sending another one 25 minutes later, after sending and receiving at least 5 others in between that time. What is so important that you need to talk to another college student at 9 AM? If I was on the receiving end of that text message, I would be more pissed that you either woke me up because my phone made a noise or that you sent me a text message to ask me how my weekend was…when you were with me this weekend!

I was doing some Google searching for information/facts about the obsession with text messaging and found this article, “Girl Writes Essay in Text Message Talk.” Basically, a 13 year old girl wrote a short essay for her class as if she was sending a text message:

“My smmr hols wr CWOT. B4, we used 2go2 NY 2C my bro, his GF & thr 3 :- kids FTF. ILNY, it’s a gr8 plc.”

Can you read that without visiting the link?

So, what I do not understand I guess is what is the extreme urgency to find out what your friend is doing at 9 AM (probably sleeping on sitting in class just like you) or what is so necessary that you need to tell someone that you can not call them. I mean, if it is urgent, call the person…you already have the phone in your hand!

I hate getting text messages from people. My girlfriend sends them to me all the time just as “are you awake” on a Saturday morning after a night out partying. Just call me. Or someone else will ask me “are you coming out to the bar”, just call me and ask me! 95% of the time I either do not respond or just call that person back without responding via text message. It costs me to get that stupid text message that you send, so don’t do it!

I had someone type a 4 sentence paragraph to me through a text message.It probably took her 4 minutes to type it, there was no way T9word would have been quicker because of the larger words she used. It would have saved her 2 minutes and me another 3 minutes for her to just call me in the first place! It is so much easier to just call someone or even email instead of making someone else pay 10 or 15 cents to receive your stupid “im bored, wut r u doin” text message!

I hope it pisses people off when I call them back instead of replying to the text message as much as it pisses me off to get the text message! Don’t even get started talking about all the people who are text messaging while doing normal day to day activities- walking through a crowded place text messaging and not paying attention, therefore running into someone; text messaging while driving and coming extremely close to getting into an accident; sitting in class; while at work; etc.

By the way, in the time that I wrote this, the girl next to me in class sent at least 10 text messages and received at least the same amount. Here she is on the phone again typing. Another 6 people throughout the class were sending text messages regularly in a 50 minute time period.

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  1. patrell March 23, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    Texting is just simple and fun, it’s a quick way to let friends know whats up without talking to them! Also, you can send cool stuff like you get from SMILEY SHACK !I always send my gurl Smiley Faces!

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