Schools Out, Summers In!

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As young student entrepreneurs, the summer season is the time to get down to business! That also means it is money making time!

Here are a couple tips for business success this summer:

Make a Plan
Without a plan of what you want to do, you will not be able to accomplish your goals for the next few months. Take some time and figure out what you want to do (your goals) and put a timeline together. Many entrepreneurs need deadlines to be able to finish something, so if you want to redesign your website, put a launch date with it; if you want to gain more clients, set deadlines.

Stick To The Plan

There is no use in making a plan if you are not going to stick to it. This is pretty simple, so I won’t spend time dwelling on the importance of it.

Find a Balance
Find a balance between your business ventures and your life (family, friends, fun, etc). It is important for you to realize that if you work in corporate American after you leave college, you may get no more than 2 weeks of vacation a year, so enjoy your summer and vacation time while you have it and do stuff you enjoy – hanging out with friends and having fun, spending time with family, etc.

Keep Records
Be sure to keep records of what you do with your business. Keep track of all your expenses and revenues, whether that is in excel or through bookkeeping software. Keeping track of your financials is not only important for your business if you are officially registered with your state, but it is important to also help you gauge how you are doing on reaching your goals.

Besides your financials, keep track of your clients and conversations you have with them, the work you may be doing, or any developments you are making. All of these will help you see how you are progressing on reaching your goals and having success over the summer.

Just be sure to have fun no matter what you are working on this summer. If you can have fun, love what you are doing, and find a balance, you will be successful! Keep up the good work and be sure to share your successes with everyone else!

What are your goals for the summer?

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