A Little Tweak! Goes A Long Way

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I just came across a great site a little while ago from Young Go Getter called Tweak! The site is for a podcast all about the small stuff involved in your life and business.

From the about page:

Tweak! is a podcast created specifically for the creative entrepreneur by a creative entrepreneur. Each episode we discuss topics related to living the oh so wonderful life of a freelance creative type. Whether you’re doing work on the side or going full time with your freelancing, let Tweak! offer tidbits of advice that help push you toward success.


I just listened to the current podcasts (7 total) and enjoyed what I have heard and will be sure to listen in as more come out.

If you are looking for little bits of great information on project management, web design pricing, and anything about working on your own, I would recommend you check out Tweak! and the great podcasts that Josh has put together.

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