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Don’t Make These Startup Mistakes!

A startup business can be a person/persons very first business. This means that mistakes are very common. Even if you’ve started up a business in the past, it’s important you avoid the most common mistakes people make! Neglecting To Do Your Research Doing research before you’ve even started a business to ensure that it’s a […]

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Golden Rules For Turning Your Blog Professional

Anyone can create a blog; that’s simple enough, especially if you choose to use one of the available online platforms to do it. Making your blog into a profitable blog however – well, that’s a whole other step. While there’s plenty of information to be found on the why and how regarding creating a blog […]

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Can You Make Your Business 24/7 Within The First Year?

If your goal as a business is to aim for the stars, then you need to be looking to make your business 24/7 as soon as possible. The importance of a business that is able to communicate with its customers on a 24/7 basis isn’t just something that is an end goal for your business, […]

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Team Building: How To Attract Star Players

If you run a business, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to reach the dizzy heights without help from a number of other people. To succeed in this ultra-competitive world where 9 out of 10 new businesses fail, you need to fill your team with star players. Here are some tips that may come […]

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Hit The Books! Making Your Workforce Smarter

Trying to find the latest way to make your workforce smarter (without having to resort to implanting everyone with microchips) is a challenge that even the most low-level entrepreneur will find difficult in the modern world. It’s hard work for an entrepreneur to get the right level of staff engagement, let alone increase their productivity, […]

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