SwitchPlanet.com Review

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My first ReviewMe.com review came in for the website SwitchPlanet.com. Here are my comments on the website and service.

From the Welcome page:

Use more…waste less!

That’s the motto here at SwitchPlanet.com. We like to use the things we have, but don’t need anymore, to switch and get the stuff we want. Right now you can switch DVDs, CDs, Books and Games…eventually electronics, clothing, tools and much more.

Socially responsible, eco-friendly, philanthropy, caring, sharing, pro-active, social and giving are just a few words to describe what SwitchPlanet.com and its members are all about.

Using SwitchPlanet is FREE so we give members the opportunity to donate any amount they choose every time they request something they want from another member. All donated funds go into a “SwitchFunds” account that is then distributed among our chosen charities. You can learn more about our philanthropy efforts here: SwitchFunds.

Overall, I like the idea of SwitchPlanet and the promotion of using more and wasting less. However, the selection of products (DVDs, CDs, Videos, and Books) that worries me. At this point in the game I can not say I would frequent the site often, however, if you are looking for something specific and want to pay less than Amazon has it for, SwitchPlanet.com may be the option for you. The bonus to using the site of course is that you can make donations to your SwitchFunds which gets donated to charities.

Once SwitchPlanet.com can grow and add some more categories to their “switchable” items, I think the site has a lot of potential to grow. However, if you are a young student entrepreneur and looking to make some money, I would still recommend eBay or Amazon as you can get more on the more well known sites versus SwitchPlanet.

SwitchPlanet also of course has the social networking aspect to it. You can add Friends and join groups which associate you with your favorite items, things you are looking for, or things you have to offer. Profiles similar to Facebook and MySpace allow you to let other switchers know about you and what you have to offer/are looking for.

How can you trust a switcher you may ask? The feedback system they have in place is similar to that as seen on other auction and similar websites. Once a switch is made, users can leave feedback for each other. The only downside to thing kind of feedback system is that someone can say as little as “thank you” or expand a little about shipping, price, etc.

Best of luck to SwitchPlanet.com as they work to make the world a greener place!

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