7 Day Business Turnaround Kit Site Review

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I am usually not a fan of different long sales pages and websites that are soley trying to sell you a product, but when I got a notice from ReviewMe about an offer from the ‘7 Day Business Turnaround Kit’, I thought I would check it out and see what it was all about.  My first thought? Who the heck is this guy who spent the time to put together the equivalent of 36 pages of content in one HUGE page? The answer…Mark Joyner. According to the website he is:

I’m a #1 best-selling author of over a dozen books on marketing and self-development.  My book Mind Control Marketing shot to number one 36 hours after it was released.My last book, Simpleology, hit the Wall Street Journal best-seller list the first week it hit the shelves.I created a multi-million dollar online business back in the days when nobody took internet marketing seriously.  The company (Aesop Marketing) sprouted from a one man show to an international corporation with customers in every Internet-connected country  on Earth. One of my websites became the 37th most visited website on the planet within 6 weeks of its release. (According to trafficranking.com, the leading traffic ranking system of the time.)My first ebook (Search Engine Tactics) was downloaded over 1,000,000 times, and some even say it was the first ebook ever created, though I’m not sure that’s the truth.

Impressive? I guess. Shouldn’t he be the one to realize that no one really wants to read so much information on one page if he is such the great internet marketer? His main website is called Simpleology, yet his content for this product is so darn long its not simple at all. Simple would be telling me exactly what you are offering me, giving a couple (not 15+) examples of people who have done it, and then tell me how much it costs. That is simple.  So, I admit it, I clicked out of the page before I even finished writing this review. Its just way to much information to read. The same points are repeated over and over again. Then there is a list of probably 20+ testimonials of people who have made money from his program supposedly. 

So to you all, my readers, look at the page if you want, check it out, read about the product, and see what you think about his insistence that he can help you turn your business and cash flow problems around in 7 days.

Let me know how long it takes you to read the copy!

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  1. Paul Simister June 2, 2008 at 2:23 pm #

    The seven day business turnaround kit is an excellent product which lays out the actions required to turnaround a struggling business in an easy to follow daily program.

    Then theer are a stack of resources to help you develop your business further once the immediate cash crisis is over. The link above takes you to my more extensive review but I really rate this product.

    Chris I know what you mean about the sales letter but personally I thought that this was one of the better one’s since it is very informative.

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