3 days and 3 movies

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So over the past three days I saw three different movies…yes its winter break and I was a bit bored. So I saw We Are Marshall, Blood Diamond, and The Pursuit of Happiness. All three were actually good movies..as I had heard some bad things about Blood Diamond, but I was happy.

Although the movies are expensive to go to most of the times, $9 a person in the evenings, it is a great time to just get away from everything you have going on and to take a break. For those penny pinchers out there, if your movie place has the self order booths with a credit card, try getting the child or senior citizen ticket at a lower price ($6.50 here at my movies) and see if you can get in with it. I have never had any problems with using the child ticket and its a great way to save money, especially if you are going to be spending the $10 for a drink and popcorn.

Anyway, all three movies were really good. The stories behind We Are Marshall and The Pursuit of Happiness are great and the lessons that come from them are inspiring. I definitely recommend them both. If you are looking for a more entrepreneurially movie, then check out The Pursuit of Happiness for the story of how Chris Gardner goes from trying to sell some bone density machines to starting his own stock company.

Happy holidays!

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