3 Offline Advertising Methods for Student Organizations

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Thinking about offline marketing techniques or possible how you can brand your campus organization? As a student leader it is important to try to figure out different ways that you can make your organization stand apart from all the others on campus… sometimes more than 100 others! A simple Facebook page or flyer plastered on a cluttered bulletin board may not do the trick for you. Therefore it is important to figure out some other ways to brand your organization and get the word out. Here are a few different techniques to consider.

1)      Promotional giveaway items: This is a pretty standard technique used by clubs and organizations. Whether it is cups with the clubs logo, pens with the club name, or magnets. One item that’s probably not considered too much would be lanyards. Sure your bookstore may sell a lanyard with your college’s name on it, but why not give out a lanyard with your organization’s name and website on it? Students are always throwing their keys in their pockets or around their neck on a lanyard, so it might as well be on one that your organization gave them. There are tons of sites that can create promotional products for your such as business cards or door hang cards, but check out Promo-Lanyards.net they have a huge selection and their prices are very comparable to any other site you’ll come across, give them a visit at http://www.promo-lanyards.net (the downside to Promo-Lanyards is that they are a U.K. company, so US based organizations may need to consider other options).

2)      Have your members (or maybe just your organizations leaders) get business cards printed with the organizations information as well as their own. This way when a club leader is talking to a prospective student who may be thinking about joining, they can give them the card which has their own information but also the clubs information – website, facebook page, meeting location and time. Now the student knows where to go to get more information on the club and can easily share the information with their friends. These would also be a great idea for when members are talking to their professors about your organization. They can hand them the business card, which looks professional as hell to a professor and will probably blow them out of the water, but also give them all the important information on the club so that they can keep in touch and remember who you are. There are literally hundreds of places to get business cards printed online for dirt cheap. My favorite place to use is UPrinting.com, but shop around for the best deals based on the quantity of cards you are ordering.

3)      Advertise your club meetings and events on TV. This may sound like a stretch, but I have to imagine that most schools are like mine was and had TV’s throughout common areas such as game rooms, cafeterias, and computer labs that played a continuous loop of advertisements and announcements for organizations and campus news. At my school, all we had to do was submit a powerpoint file to the head of the Operations office (they managed the TV’s and what was displayed on it) and they would add our notice to the loop. Look into this on your campus, it’s a great simple way to get your information in front of students eyes repeatedly at no cost.

Are there any offline techniques you have taken for your club, organization, or student business to get the word out? Let us know if the comments.

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