4 Security Tips for College Graduates Applying For Jobs

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With college graduation quickly approaching, it’s that time of year when many students are searching for work. Did you know filling out an application can be a ticket to identity theft?

Experian’s ProtectMyID (www.protectmyid.com) has 4 key tips to keep you safe. When you fill out applications, you’re putting nearly all of your personal  information – full name, Social Security number, address, background – on paper, and often placing it in the hands of a stranger. So, what can you do to protect your identity?

  • If possible, omit your Social Security number and politely indicate that it will be provided upon employment. This information is required for payroll and tax purposes, but doesn’t need to be in the hands of dozens of potential employers.
  • If you’re dropping your application off in person, don’t just hand it over to the first employee you see. Make sure you’re giving your application to the Manager or someone in the Human Resources department.
  • When completing an application out online, make sure the internet site is secure (look for https or the little lock icon), and make sure you’re applying to a real company. The promise of a job is perfect bait for a phishing scam.
  • If you have to create an online profile, ensure that you’re using a strong password unique to that company website and application.

See ProtectMyID.com for additional information about preventing identity  theft.

Do you have any tips for protecting your identity and security when completing job applications? Share them below in the comment section!

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