5 Customer Service Mistakes You Could Be Making

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No matter what type of business you run, the importance of effective customer service cannot be overlooked. You live and die by your customers. If you treat them with respect and go out of your way to make them happy, word will spread, and this will do wonders for your brand image. To make sure this is the case, you need to avoid the common customer service mistakes mentioned below.

  1. Not training your employees correctly – If you do not train your employees in customer service, how do you expect them to excel in it? All businesses need to train their staff in the art of customer service. After all, clients and customers are not going to tolerate apathy, incorrect information or rudeness. It’s important that your staff know how to talk to customers and how to provide them with the service they are looking for.
  2. Not being accessible – This is a huge mistake when it comes to customer service. There is nothing more frustrating than struggling to get in touch with a company when you need to. You need to ensure you provide numerous methods of communication, and you must deliver a timely response.
  3. Not making the most of technology – Nowadays, there are many different solutions that can help your business to be more efficient and operate to higher levels of quality. If you are not making the most of this, you aren’t going to be delivering when it comes to customer service. Make the most of call tracker software so that you can provide a better service to people that call. You will be able to recognise who is calling, look at account information, and use real-time reports and analytics to optimise your calls effectively.
  4. Trying to win the argument with a customer – You have no doubt heard the saying that the customer is always right, and that is most definitely the case. One thing you should never do is argue with customers. You are never going to keep that customer if you start arguing with them. Plus, they will probably badmouth your business because of the experience, which results in lots of potential new customers lost.
  5. Standing by your policy, no matter what – There are certain cases where you will need to go against your policy. These are unique cases where the customer has had a bad experience and you may need to go against the rules to rectify it. This is important because you don’t want to be seen as a faceless business. You want to be a company that builds personal relationships with customers. Nothing will frustrate people more than you saying to them: “sorry, but it is policy.”

If you can avoid the mistakes that have been mentioned above, you will be half way there to offering amazing customer service. It’s important to make the most of technology that is available to you, as well as training your staff to ensure they represent your business well.

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