5 Small Business Ideas You Can Start During Education

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It’s never too early to come up with a small business idea. In fact, it can be done while you’re still in education. Take a look at these five small business ideas that are perfect for students:

Sell Textbooks

A great business idea is to start selling university textbooks. No doubt you’ll have lots of books that you bought for your course. These cost a lot of money to buy brand new, so, most students look to get them second hand. If you buy some second-hand textbooks, you can then sell them to students next year. If you find bargains, there’s a big chance you can make a profit. It’s a good idea for a cheeky little business venture. Who knows, you could end up as the biggest textbook supplier in the uni!

Start An eBay Business

These days it’s extremely popular for someone to start an eBay business. What is an eBay business? It’s simple, you set up an account and start making money by selling things. You auction off items and can make a profit in a very short space of time. It’s a very modern business venture but has proven results. There are a few things you can do to get ahead of the competition in this field too. For one, pick a cheap and reliable courier service to ship your items. Secondly, sell things that are in high demand. Finally, provide great customer service and you’ll soon see your sales go through the roof.

Start A Magazine

Instead of doing nothing with all your free time, why not get creative? You can start a student magazine and sell copies on campus. Or, give it away for free and try to make money from advertising. Either one of these is a fantastic idea to make money and start a business. If things go well, you can start hiring fellow students to make the magazine grow and earn more money!

Start A Music Business

If you have a musical talent, then you should put it to good use. Start selling your services and playing music at parties or events. Look online and you should find some websites where people want to hire musicians. Alternatively, you could become a DJ and play in clubs or at private parties. All you need is some music skills, and you’ll be able to start your own business.

Start A Photography Business

Photography is another good thing that you can do while in education. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to take good photos, but the pay can be decent. Start a photography business and look to be hired for events of all kinds. You could offer your services for sports matches or other university events. And, take it outside of university too and look for other work. It won’t take much money to set up, and you could have your very own business!

All five of these things are great business ideas for anyone in education. So, if you fancy making money while you study, give them a go!

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