5 Ways to Build a Great Reputation Online

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Whether your business is run entirely online, or your website is just an element of your business, you will need to build your reputation online to increase traffic, get more sales and improve profit margins. Improving your reputation will take dedication, time and consistency, but it is definitely achievable. Here are five simple steps you can take to start improving your online reputation.online_reputation_Monitoring_WSI

Write blogs

Including a blog section on your website is a great way of building your reputation. The articles should be relevant to the products or services you are selling, and they should also be interesting and informative. When people read the articles, it can encourage them to look what products you are selling or which services you are offering. If people are interested enough to read the blog, then it is likely that they will be interested in what you have to offer too. Another benefit of having a blog is that it puts you in the position of an authoritative figure in your field which can help to build trust.

Make use of social media

It is the age of social media and this is now one of the best ways to get a presence online. Make sure that you set up social media pages with some of the most high profile sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Each of these should have a direct link to your website. Use them to promote your products and services, give links to any promotions, display photographs of what you are selling, provide potential customers with relevant information, run offers and competitions and to connect with customers or respond to feedback.

Use a reliable web hosting service

A reliable web hosting service is essential if you want to keep your customer base happy. Preventing downtime for your site is one of the most important aspects of building, and maintaining, a good reputation for obvious reasons – if your site isn’t visible, nor is your business. If you are looking for a great hosting service, 34SP.com can help you out.

Encourage reviews

Having reviews on your website or social media pages allows potential customers to learn about how great your business is. Even if you get a negative review you can turn it around into a positive by responding quickly and offering solutions to any complaint mentioned. Readers will see that you have acknowledged the problem and are doing your best to resolve it and improve your service.

Connect with customers

Customers really appreciate it if you connect with them and are more likely to return to your website and offer you their business in the future. Make sure that you respond to any queries sent via a ‘contact us’ form as well as responding to comments on social media pages, complaints and reviews. If customers have the option of commenting at the bottom of your blog posts, then you should also respond to these. Interaction, even if it is not in person, lets potential customers know that they are important and this builds up trust and a good online reputation.

If you have an online business, then building a good reputation is an essential element to your success. By using these simple tips and putting the time and effort into the task, you should soon see the online reputation of your business grow.

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