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Hello. I am one of the new writers for Dorm Room Biz and I am really excited to be here. I hope I can bring a lot to the blog.

So, a little about me then:

A while ago I realized that I have a huge amount of debt coming at me in the next years of my life and I have to pay that off pretty soon. I don’t like debt, so I decided that I wasn’t going to follow the “normal” route.

So I started to think of things I could do to pay off this debt and live the life I wanted. I think I have always been an entrepreneurial person, I seem to see opportunity in almost everything and my mind is constantly turning. I tried the usual paper round type thing, but soon eventually I wound up at making money online. I read lots of information and decided to get going, so I started with an empty PayPal account, did various GPT schemes and some affiliate stuff until I happened to stumble across blog flipping, used my savings and flipped a blog. That was the start; from then on I did some stuff with BANS and that kind of thing, and then moving on to some other projects that are more “business” as many would recognize them. I don’t make mega bucks online, and never pretend I do, but I think I can help a lot of people and I have a lot of knowledge I would like to share, and ventures I want to pursue.

I also have a huge interest in the economy, political affairs and that kind of thing. I follow the markets daily, and you will probably end up reading some posts with my views of events in the world economy and big business.Feel free to contact me with any questions or anything like that or if you have any proposals for ventures (I am always open to new ideas and will try to help as much as possible). I look forward to writing in the future!


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