Another Google AdSense Deposit!

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It took me a few months more than I wanted to, but without pushing/optimizing my sites too much for Google AdSense, I did just get a nice deposit into my account for my account balance.

The last couple weeks seemed to have brought in a decent amount of daily income, over $2.00 a day, more than I have been averaging. I contribute this to some more exposure on TheRavenSymone site, some new units added to Dorm Room Biz, as well as some different units placed on a new site that will be launching within a week that pays out some nice returns.

With the launch of the new site, and as it grows, I am hoping that the AdSense deposits will start coming more often!

On a side note, the months of January and February have both been good earning months for my online activities; most of which has come from Dorm Room Biz. I have had a number of sponsored posts and ReviewMe reviews that have brought in some nice extra little change.

I’ll also be posting about a new program I started using the other day to get some extra income in my spare time!

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