Another school year is upon us!

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It is scary to think that I have now started my senior year of college. I expect that it will be a very exciting yet busy school year. I started my classes today (only two) and will have 2 classes tomorrow (and then rotating on the normal Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday schedule that so many college students are familiar with). On top of my 4 “real” classes I will be doing an independent study for a class that filled up with students pretty quickly but I need in order to graduate with my Minor in Media Studies (Web Development).

I just wanted to note a couple things that I am excited about for this coming year:

  • I am serving as the President of my business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi.
  • I am serving as the head/lead coordinator for our entrepreneurship club, Collegiate Entrepreneurs, which I served as President to last year. I say “head/lead coordinator” because I am not actually in a leadership position per say, but will be doing a lot of work with recruitment, event planning, and spreading the word.
  • For the past year I have been planning an Entrepreneurial Summit which will be held on the Radford University campus on October 10th. Two of the speakers will be Michael Simmons and Cameron Johnson. We are also have many successful alumni entrepreneurs returning for the event and speaking on related topics. This is going to be a great event including presentations for students as well as an elevator pitch competition where students have a chance to win $3000 in prizes.
  • Growing Radford Auctions (my eBay company) and researching the possibility of launching a store-front on main street in our town.
  • Continuing to blog and bring knowledge/advice/information/ideas to all of you!

Within the next couple weeks just about all college students will be heading back to campuses around the world and starting classes.

What are you looking to accomplish over the next school semester or year?

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