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Via Small Business Branding:

If you have ever studied marketing and communications you may have learnt about the different ways people learn and study – by listening, reading, watching or experiencing. Generally most human beings learn through one of these methods and they have a “best” way to digest and comprehend information.

If you follow the 80/20 way of life where you maximize your working hours by only doing tasks that provide the most value for you, then discovering which way you learn most effectively is very important. While some people learn almost equally as effectively by listening to words as reading them, others have a very dominant way of learning and should only study using that method. For example I find I learn best by listening but I’m also good at reading, I’m just a slow reader so I need to skim read in order to best use my time. I tend to mix up my studying with both books and audio.

I produce a podcast show (if you don’t know what a podcast is have a read of this article – What Is A Podcast?) that currently has over 25 episodes, some interviews with entrepreneurs, others instructional “how-to” shows on Internet marketing and business. If you have an MP3 player they make great companions for exercising or road trips or just for times when you can’t read another word but some audio education may be good

Yaro of Small Business Branding and Entrepreneur’s Journey has some amazing podcasts up on his website. I definitly suggest taking a look at them if you are a person who learns better through hearing or if you just want to gather some great business sense from him and his interviews and how-to’s.

You can read the rest of Yaro’s post at Small Business Branding which includes a full list of his previously published podcasts.

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