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Woohoo another ReviewMe paid review came in! I am starting to like this site more and more. The only thing I wish ReviewMe did was notify you when you got a new review request. Maybe they do, I just don’t have the feature turned on or something, oh well. Here is a review on a website that offers you the ability to play a backgammon game with no rakes!

Do you place backgammon? Want to learn and become a master? Head over to, the place where backgammon masters are born! With a simple site design and informative videos, learning how to use and play the backgammon game should not be a problem. Just download the program, install it, and your good to go, much like the Taco Bell food.

The gaming software has also just recently added the ability to play poker with their software. I am sure this will help them gain more popularity throughout the online gaming world. The site has been gaining a lot of popularity throughout the backgammon gaming community because of the high quality of the rich playing environment that features realistic 3D avatars and sounds.

Another fun part for the competitive person about is that you can play with real money! They accept deposits and transfers from a variety of different sources (credit cards, PayPal, and other online services) so that you can take a shot at winning real money. However, for the new players, there are no charge fun modes in which you can play to build your skills before moving to the big leagues!

If you are interested in learning more about head over to their website at You can also check out Gammonish at which is an online backgammon source for news and information including all kinds of game rules and even a blog!

Learn how to get started and playing by heading to the website!

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