Benefits of Virtual Conferencing for Your IT

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The only way you could stop success is to stop growth. That’s probably a painful lesson learned by Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, and his management team. In his tearful speech, Elop stated how they didn’t do anything wrong but somehow ended up losing, NextShark reports. It actually says a lot about how the company—one that used to be a world leader in mobiles—took a lot for granted and how their market share took a nosedive in the face of the competition that soon came after.

It’s a lesson every company needs to take to heart. If you want your business to make it to the top, growth is crucial. That’s where video conferencing systems come in. By packing in a lot of advantages, going for cloud-based solutions like this make life easy not just for you but for your IT team too. Here’s how that works:

Simple and Easy to Use

In the old days, you had to have an IT expert nearby if you had to make a phone patch. Called on to make a presentation to the management team? You needed IT personnel to help you get your PowerPoint presentation up and running. Needed to make a video conference call to the boss? You got it: your friendly, ever-dependable IT pal had to be there for you. However, constant need for your IT person meant he was unable to do much else of anything except be there for you and your next desktop, connection or server problem. That was the case until online conferencing solutions came to the table. The system is simple enough to download and install. It’s also equally easy to use. No need to make a report to the IT team, requesting assistance since you can readily handle the work on your own.

Better Use of IT Team

With cloud-based solutions, it’s now possible for companies to completely rewire the way their IT teams work. Instead of relegating employees to easy but tedious installation tasks, business can now make the most of their talents. Considering how much IT employees get, it’s quite a boon for business everywhere. Not only do businesses get more from their teams, but IT talents are also well able to learn a lot on the job. They can take care of other projects, ones that more advanced than merely checking an employee’s connection or server trouble, contributing to their own personal growth and skill-set building at work.

Little to No Stress Added

Another wonderful feature of virtual conferencing for IT systems from Blue Jeans, along with the rest of the industry giants, is that the ease of installation and use it comes with reduces the work and stress for your IT teams. Think about planning to deploy a video solution for the company on all levels. Say you need to address the needs of your company’s growing workforce, scattered all the world over. Online conferencing provides you with an easy way to get in touch and stay connected with your offsite team. It’s also the best way to make sure onsite and offsite staff meet. You need to make all that happen. If you turn to your IT team to come up with solution, all on top of their already busy daily work load trying to store and protect your data as well as keep communication platforms, devices and systems going for every single person in the company, your IT teams probably won’t be too happy. With these online solutions, though, you can deploy video solutions at every level of the company with ease, sans your IT’s assistance and support. So you don’t just get to take advantage of a system that allows you to turn your communication infrastructure around, but you also get to do it without adding an immeasurable ton of work and stress for your IT experts. This is something they will love about you for a long time.

Faster Adoption

No matter how exciting your conferencing tool is, if it’s too complex and hard to use, your team won’t use it. That’s another edge that cloud-based technologies have over traditional hardware and communication set-ups. But when it’s easy and simple to navigate, more people—and that means your team—will adopt it in their daily workflows. Familiarity, of course, means less down time. Your employees get to learn their way around the system that much faster, insuring efficiency, says B2BMarketing, along with better performance and productivity. That, of course, is all great news for your IT team. The more familiar employees are with the system, the less need they have for IT assistance and support to keep fixing niggling issues and system troubles—because there would be none. Familiarity, in this case, works to your IT team’s advantage since it allows for a more efficient use of the system, eliminating the need for constant IT assistance and checks.

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