Blog Design for Beginners 2

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So here is an excerpt for the second post in a series at which focuses on Blog Design.

o, ready? Excellent. For today’s lesson, you’ll need your graphics editor (Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Gimp, etc), an ftp program to upload files to your server, and a pencil and paper.

I’m going to gloss over a whole bunch of technical stuff here. The point of this post is not so much to teach you how to write html as it is to give you an insight into the process we use to design and build blogs.

Step 1: Plan the attack
Step 2: Write the basic html and css

With the conclusion of his post, Peter, sort of leaves you hanging and wanting more. The rest of the steps for his blog design will be coming up in his final article at Pro Blogger for the mini series which will probably come out tomorrow or by the weekend.

Read the full post for this part of the series here.

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