Can You Launch A Successful Business Fresh Out Of College?

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You may be on the last stretch working towards your final exams. Your journey getting to this point has been full of outstanding highs and debilitating lows, but you’ve come through all of the trials and tribulations of college to reach this precipice. One more push and you’ll find yourself with a great degree from a top class institution. The next question is what are you going to do with your qualification? There’s a voice deep down inside of you that’s telling you to give that business venture a go. You know the one. You’ve had an idea that you think could revolutionize an industry sector and you’re desperate to try it out, but you’re also terrified of failure. Take a look at these reasons why now is as good a time as ever to launch your business.

Age Is On Your Side

Being the youthful twenty-something that you are means that you are full of enthusiasm and vitality. You are motivated and driven to put 100% of your effort behind your potential business venture. With the financial backing of one of the many startup loans reviewed at, you could find yourself in the fortunate position of having a sound business plan, funding sources in place and a well-constructed business vision. As you haven’t been tainted by the world of work, you won’t have the inevitable pessimism that creeps into your being after spending years trapped behind a desk.

Becoming An Employee

You may think that you are taking the sensible step of venturing into becoming an employee in the industry sector that you can see your future business sitting. However, it is all too easy to get sucked into the stability and security of a job. If you are doing well in your role, getting paid a handsome wage and have excellent promotion prospects, it can be hard to leave to launch your own business. Getting experience within a sector can prove valuable, but you need to ensure that you can leave when the time is right.

Going It Alone Or With Friends

Perhaps your business venture could utilize some of the pals that you’ve made while at college. You know your college mates inside out, you know their skills, their temperament and their work ethic. When you consider a working relationship, who are the friends that come to mind? Consider broaching your business proposal with them and see if they are keen on embarking down the business startup path with you. You may be able to launch a company together. Ensure that your professional relationship is backed up by all the necessary legal documentation listed at and you could form a business partnership that may last a lifetime.

The world of work is not the only option available to college graduates. If you have the drive, determination and commitment to launch your business venture and you can see it rivaling the current market leaders, consider setting up your startup fresh out of college. There may not ever be a better time to become the master of your own destiny.

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