Choosing A Quality Translation Service

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If there is one incredible thing about the Internet, it’s the way it has helped connect the entire globe at lightning fast speed. Naturally, this calls for dynamic translation services to translate the various documentation that takes place in today’s world. Sadly, some translation services on the Internet fall far behind in quality as well as expertise. However, there are many fine reputable ones, such as found at, otherwise known as Master Translation.
Below is a list of some points that you should consider before selecting an online translation service.

  • Turnaround speed
  • Accuracy on all jobs
  • One translator to a job
  • Pricing information readily available
  • Online tracking capability
  • Right to privacy
  • Broad and diversified services
  • On time completion

How fast is the service’s turnaround rate?
Usually depending on the job content, turnaround should be within two days after submitting a job to a translator.

How accurate is the translation?
This is a hard one as even at its best, 100 percent accuracy is not guaranteed by the best of services; however, 98 percent is realistic with a good firm.

Will there be more than one translator assigned to your project?
Consistency in the translation is a must. No room for error here. Inconsistent labeling, formatting and a lack of quality control is the end-result for many clients.

Transparency in pricing and online tracking capability is mandatory.
As a client you need to know up front just how much this project is going to cost and where the translator is on a timeline. Moreover, there should be no hidden fees or extra charges at any time.

Respecting your privacy.
A rigid non-disclosure policy of a client’s work should be vigorously enforced.

Diversified services: the signature of a quality translation service.
Academic, business, legal and certified documentation form the foundation of any reputable, quality translation service. Furthermore, a good translation service should be client-driven according to the needs of the client submitting a project.

In addition, a competent translation service will insist on bringing the job down to a successful completion as scheduled.

Here’s A Tip:
It is strongly advised to submit a short sample project to a potential translation service before making a final decision. In other words, test it out as to accuracy, reliability and just plain professionalism, then, choose wisely.

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