Creating a productive work environment

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Some new posts are going to be coming up on Dorm Room Biz that are related to creating a productive work environment for young entrepreneurs. We’ve already touched based on some key items for your dorm room office and will soon feature a great website to get all your dorm decor for next semester. Besides getting things like postage scales and mobile credit card processing, one thing I always lacked in my dorm room was storage space.

Whether it was under-the-bed storage, getting additional filing cabinets and containers, or just trying to make the best of the small space being shared with another person, it was tough for me to keep it organized and for everything to have it’s own place. The supplied dorm room furniture is typically lacking to say the least, unless you are moving into a recently renovated dorm room, than you may have something a little nicer.

Besides the other features we have coming up on Dorm Room Biz for styling your dorm and creating a great workspace, here are a few quick ideas to help you keep the work going and staying productive.

  1. Go Digital – Keep as little paper as needed; by going digital you can eliminate the clutter on your desk and create a more inviting workspace. Pick up one of the new small document scanners to help you keep track of everything you need but also not keep the paper!
  2. Get a comfortable chair – Most universities are going to provide you with some piece of crap junk wooden chair. Put it in a corner and use it as a small table or shelf for stuff. Pick up a decent office chair from Staples or other office supply place that will provide you comfort and support. This will make it more bearable to sit in front of your computer and continue working.
  3. Pick up a good pair of headphones – Your roommate doesn’t want to hear you rocking out to Miley Cyrus while he is trying to study or watch TV. Invest in a good set of headphones and keep the tunes to yourself. I seem to be more productive when I have headphones on with music playing then if the music is just playing through my computer speakers. I recently got a pair of Wicked Audio’s Reverb headphones and so far they are great.
  4. Be flexible with your set up – If something is not working for you like you thought it would, try changing it and coming up with a “redesigned” workspace. Or, if all else fails, grab you laptop and go work from somewhere else for a few hours. The library, student center, or a Starbucks are all great options for a change of scenery and refreshing your attitude.

What do you do to stay productive you in your workspace?

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