Critical Thinking Resources for Educators

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Getting students to focus and apply critical thinking strategies during classroom exercises can be tough. A company called Mentoring Minds offers a number of solutions, tools, and strategies to help educators get their students to be engaged and thinking.

Mentoring Minds has been dealing with educators to give children the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in class, on assessments, and most importantly, in life. Their critical thinking and classroom management tools ranging from the needs of Kindergarten thru 12th grade. Some of the main products of Mentoring Minds are flip charts or guides that can either help teachers prompt students to think critically or test their depth knowledge or that can be used by students to help grow their thinking skills. Besides critical thinking, the company also offers a number of guides on different topics for educators such as bully prevention, invention strategies, cyber bullying, behavior strategies, and a guide for English language learners. Guides, flip charts, and thinking wheels are available in either English or Spanish.

Mentoring Minds is an education company is directed towards educators and education professionals. So while parents cannot purchase the guides directly from Mentoring Minds, teachers, administrators, and educators and can purchase the different guides, charts, wheels and other resources in as small of a quantity as 10 of each topic.

If you are an educator looking for some new resources for your classroom, be sure to check out the instructional strategies and guides from Mentoring Minds.

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