Do You Need A New Office Space?

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Let’s face it – any business you can start up from the comfort of your own bedroom is a good opportunity. There is virtually zero cost to get it started, and perhaps even less to get it up and running. It’s time efficient, cost-efficient, and easy to fit in with other responsibilities or commitments. So what happens if you make a success of it? What can you do if it starts to outgrow the space you’ve given it? Do you need new premises?

There are several warning signs that you need to let your business fly the nest, spread its wings, and perch somewhere bigger and more practical. Take a look around your room. If you can’t see floor or table space for all the documents, stock, presentation materials and other business-related items, then you need to move it all out. Other warning signs might be more serious.

Working from the same space you sleep is not good for your health. It makes it far more difficult to switch off and fall asleep. And your mental health might suffer if the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning is a mountain of work. Climbing over the clutter can actually be quite stressful. If you’re becoming short with people or overly frustrated, it’s probably time to separate your personal and business life.

As your business grows, you need to fulfill more orders. You might produce and sell artwork. This is a deeply personal business, and many artists rarely believe they’ll make it big. But what if it happened? Can you physically store a large number of works if multiple orders come in? Can you even produce it alone? The same goes for any online retailer. If you’re handling the stock yourself, you will probably run out of room to store it as your business becomes bigger.

Warehousing is just one of your options. If you’re an importer, you might already have a storage facility and simply run the business from your room. Websites like can demonstrate how careful preparation can maximize space and speed up retrieval and fulfillment. Your business has probably reached the scale that requires additional personnel. Now is the time to make decisions about the structure of your company. Where will these new workers be stationed?

Of course, some startups don’t handle orders remotely. Customer facing sales can be very important in some sectors. As your business reputation grows so will customer expectations. Websites like might give you a few more ideas to help you manage these better. They won’t settle for meeting in a cafe to discuss a sale. They’ll want to know you’re successful enough to have a showroom or an office. Are you?

Buying or renting premises in the early days of a business startup is rarely practical. This is why so many businesses are set up to operate entirely from home or a single room. But what will happen to these companies as they start to become an established small business? Are you ready to make the move?

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